The new dHealth Pulse Series

We are introducing the new dHealth Pulse Series!
In advance and anticipation of the actual dHealth conference, a number of dHealth Pulses are organized. Join the dHealth Pulses for free to hear presentations about current digital health topics and have a chance to discuss them with invited experts!

How you can join:

The first Pulses will be held online due to the current Covid-19 situation. The invitation links to these online sessions will be sent via our newsletter. All additional information about the upcoming Pulse Series will also be in our newsletter mails.
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Upcoming Pulses

1st dHealth Pulse - December 15th 2020

"Covid-19 – IKT-Lösungen im Umfeld des Österreichischen Pandemie-Managements"

Hard Facts



Date December 15th 2020  
    • Robert Scharinger (Moderator):
           "Das epidemiologische Meldesystem in Österreich" (15 min)
    • Christopher Ozvald:
           "Prozesse zur Bekämpfung der Covid-19 Pandemie" (15 min)
    • Philipp Schardax:
           "Neue & ergänzende Systeme zur Bekämpfung der Covid-19 Pandemie, Projekt Massentestungen" (15 min)
    • Concluding discussion session (45 min)
Time 1700 - 1830  
Location Online  
Language German