dHealth 2020 - Student Award Finals

Best MSc Paper Award submissions were reviewed in a separate review process and the best submissions were selected for the Best MSc Paper Award Finals. From all finalists, an independent jury elected the winners of the Best MSc Paper Award, based on the reviewers’ evaluations, the written papers and the oral presentation. The winners can be found on the Awards page.

The Student Award Finals of dHealth 2020 were held on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020, 13:30.

Due to the cancellation of the conference, the finals took place virtually, via video conferencing.

Finalists had 10 minutes for their presentation, plus around 5 minutes for the subsequent discussion.

The best MSc student papers were awarded in two categories:

Best MSc Paper Award

Biomedical Engineering


13:30 - 14:30
(15 minutes per presenter)


Sara Stoppacher - "Modeling External Stimulation of Excitable Cells Using a Novel Light-Activated Organic Semiconductor Technology" (Presentation)

Bernhard Englmair - "Improved Tracking of Muscle Tendon Junctions in Ultrasound Images Using Speckle Reduction"

Christoph A. Krettler - "Identification and Quantification of Oxidized Lipids in LC-MS Lipidomics Data"

Best MSc Paper Award

Health Informatics


14:30 - 15:30
(15 minutes per presenter)


Lea Demelius - "Encoding of Numerical Data for Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage"

Barbora Kanková - "Reusing Data of an EU-Wide EHR System for Clinical Trials: A Capabilities Analysis"

Anna Lienhart - "Multivariable Risk Prediction of Dysphagia in Hospitalized Patients Using Machine Learning"

Please find further details on the submissions (including co-authors and affiliations) in our archive.

The Best MSc Paper Award is worth € 500,- in each category.

Please find the winners on our Awards page. Previous award winners and their submissions can also be found there.