WS 1.5 - Funding Workshop:
Dr. Hoebertz Astrid Dr. Astrid Hoebertz      (CV)
FFG - European Programmes
"Horizon Europe - Funding for Digital Health"
Digital Health is a key priority on European level. In this presentation, current funding opportunities on European level will be shown, focusing mainly on Cluster Health in Horizon Europe, but also related programmes.

Markus Kubicek, Dr. Dr. Markus Kubicek
FWF - Der Wissenschaftsfond
"Funding Operations at the FWF - Austrian Science Fund"
Funding opportunities in general and specifically in the field of digital health at the FWF or in transnational European networks (ERA-nets).

Dr. Katharina Ladewig
EIT Health Germany
"Details will follow soon"
Details will follow soon.